One life greatest adventure is going on an Africa hunting safari, whether it involves hunting a member of the big five, a plain game safari, or even hunting other dangerous animals. The thrill gotten from such a trip is worthwhile, Africa hunting gives memories that cannot be forgotten.

What is Hunting Safari?

An Africa hunting safari is a trip that is usually undertaken as a holiday or a leisure activity to hunt animals. This activity is usually performed for recreation or as a sporting activity. Hunting safari is also known as trophy hunting, and this is because hunters/people who take part in this activity hunt down animals that usually have a good size horn or tusks. The horn or tusks is then kept as a trophy.

Popular African Hunting Trips

There are many Africa hunting trips to embark. These trips are usually carried out in countries in the southern part of Africa. Some of these countries include Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, and Namibia amongst others. The popular Africa Hunting trips usually include the following

  1. Big Five Hunting: This involves going after animals that are members of the big five. These animals are the leopard, lion, Cape buffalo, elephant and the rhinoceros.
  2. Plain Game Hunting: This expedition involves going after animals such as the springbok, blesbok, warthog, impala, gemsbok, blue wildebeest, etc.
  3. Other Dangerous Animals Hunting: This involves going on a hunt for animals that are not members of the big five and are also not regarded as a plain game. Examples of these animals include the crocodile, the hippopotamus, etc.

Africa hunting trips usually involve one of these. They all offer a unique experience in their own ways. One very popular event that gives hunting opportunities is the Africa Expo Show.

The Africa Expo Show

Africa hunting has been in existence since antiquity. It all started when large parts of Africa were discovered by the Europeans. This discovery was initiated by a desire to hunt different beast within the African terrain. It was in 1652 that the Cape Colony was founded. During this period, Africa had very rich wildlife, and it was a very common thing for the settles to go on hunting expeditions deep into the Cape Peninsular. As time gradually passed by, population density increased, and this led to an increase in the demand for agriculture and food in general. More Africa hunting expeditions were carried out, and these settlements continued to expand deep into the south into what we now have as South Africa.

These expeditions continued, and today, the springbok herds of Karoo that once had a herd of millions and many other animals have been drastically reduced by prospectors and farmers. African hunting gradually evolved from being an activity carried out solely for food in the form of meat to a recreational and a sporting activity.

Modern safari today still involves wildlife even though many believe that the safari has lost its wildlife features as a result of illegal parching. Modern-day safari trips now has new features that are added to enhance the adventure experience that people get. Over the years, there has been a massive development in the African safari, and this has also benefitted the African wildlife as well as providing support for local conservation and other ethical practices that improves wildlife and ensure that the animals do not go extinct.

There are many safari companies today, and they all contribute to the conservation of African wildlife.

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Sultry Africa is one to behold. The beautiful sights, the calm atmosphere, the endless sun, and the ferocious wildlife are features to see and have a real-time experience.