Africa has attracted people from all across the world to itself for years now and continues to be one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Africa not only has the element of natural beauty and raw magnificence but also works as honey to bees (tourists) because of the variety of wildlife and safaris that it offers. African safaris and especially hunting safaris are popular world over and are in the bucket list of every traveler or adventurer on the globe. These hunting safaris offer tourists and hunters a way to experience wildlife from the closest possible view and also lend them a chance to try their hunting skills.

A lot has been written and said about the best time to travel to these African hunting safaris but it is interesting to know that Africa is a year round destination. It is true that season and weather plays a huge role in improving the chances of spotting wild animals in their natural habitat but there is a good chance to finding them in their prime all through the year. But if you really wish to pick the best months to travel to Africa or South Africa to enjoy the best of the hunting safaris, then you must book your tickets anytime between May to September. Most wildlife parks are at their best during this season because the dry weather forces wild animals out of their hidden spots and towards the rivers and waterholes, where they can be spotted easily.

This season between May to September is otherwise considered a low-tourism period because people avoid traveling in the harsh summers but if you are planning to go to South Africa for hunting, then wildlife viewing will be an experience of a lifetime for you. Moreover, during the dry season, the vegetation that grows is scarce and that makes spotting of the wild animals easier. There is little rain, the skies tend to be clearer and days are sunny enough for you to have a great adventure in the jungles. Another factor which makes May to September a great time for a hunting session is because the wildlife parks tend to be less crowded and hence the wild animals do not fear coming out in the open.

A point to be noted here is that during these months, the nights get cold easily and hence you must pack warm clothes. Even the mornings are chilly and if you are planning to visit the hunting safaris in an open vehicle in the morning, then you must take care of packing the right clothing gear. Each different hunting safari suggests its own best months to visit but more or less, May to September remain the best months.