Mission Statement:

To provide an avenue for caring and concerned individuals, who have enjoyed their experiences with us in our area, to enhance life’s prospects for selected groups of children and young people in the surrounding communities?

Kiley Matthews of Africa Sport Hunting Safaris truly embraces the community in which she runs her business and believes in giving back to the local charities. Africa Sport Hunting Safaris have found various projects in close proximity to camp. Kiley and Africa Sport Hunting Safari is committed to providing meat on monthly basic and distributing the various gift that our clients provide. The projects vary in sizes and their needs. With the generosity of the people that come to visit and wish to participate we will be able to help fulfill certain pressing needs of local children. Here are a few easy ways for you to give

  1. Cash donations toward the community projects; this can be done in part with your final check out with ASHS
  2. You might choose to bring items either for the school or for the children. Below is a list of some of the most needed items. Please check with us for updated needs.
  • Girls and boys socks, underpants, under shirts, PJ’s to fit from size 4 to size 14.
  • It’s best to buy them in larger quantity of a size, rather than one’s or two’s of several sizes, so we can distribute on a one to one bases through an age group. This way they go further.
  • Children’s vitamins, hygiene items, something easy to pack.

After School Projects:

These after school projects typically house approximately 100 kids. When visiting you find no less 40 to 50 children at a time and 5 to 8 staff members who help out. These various centers were opened due to a growing number of children in the villages that lost parents to the AIDS epidemic or who otherwise had no daytime supervision after school. The children come after school for what can be their only meal. We are working with local churches and farmers to provide fruit and vegetables to these kids have food year around. Chris Lordan’s wife Wilma Lordan is busy working with the project on how to grow veggie gardens. This will be a big step for these projects.


The only way anyone is going to make a difference in a strong African culture is to start with the younger children. Kiley had an idea one day and she believes it’s our most important goal. This is trying to implement a small scholarship program.

After completing the 8th grade, these children have no way of continuing their education. In order to continue their education past high school they have to go to boarding school that is about two hours away. Around $1400 for the year we allow a student to go to high school and then have the opportunity to go to technical school. We will ask for a list from the head master with the children that are excelling in their studies and have the desire to go on to high school. We hope to have sponsors for some of them by next year. We are careful not to promise them things as we want to avoid any disappointment. These scholarships are extremely important; otherwise these children will not be able to further their education. Completing higher levels of learning will allow these exceptional children the opportunity to obtain gainful employment for themselves and their families.