Twelve best experiences you can live in Africa – Although to date, I don’t know, and I may never know, what my favorite place in the world is, I have to confess that Africa as a whole is the place that has been most etched in my heart. The 25th of May has celebrated the World Day of Africa and the unity of this beautiful continent. That’s why I want to talk to you about a unique place in the world that has a wide variety of ecosystems and cultures.

In Africa, they are found from the largest desert on the planet, savannahs with iconic animals to paradisiacal beaches and life-filled rainforests. There are also small villas that have not changed in centuries to modern cities with all contemporary comforts. Here is the cradle of humanity and various cultures that survive the pressure of modernity and the passage of time.

While social instability, disease, and high levels of poverty keep many travelers away, the continent is indeed enormous. There are many regions of Africa that are safe for visitors and lots of places that allow you to experience incredible experiences that you can’t live anywhere else on the planet.

Africa is a real paradise for nature lovers, the remote, adventure, and extraordinary landscapes. It is also the best place in the world to spot animals and explore some of the most incredible geological formations on the planet. Likewise, this continent is a place full of friendly people and thousands of opportunities to live new experiences.

12 best travel experiences in Africa

  1. Take a safari to see the Great Migration

At the beginning of the dry season, two million animals begin the Great Migration in search of food. This is one of the most impressive natural shows in the world, and seeing it is an unforgettable experience. Experience in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania or the Natural Reserve Mara Game reserve in Kenya. If your budget allows, you can also see the migration from the air in a balloon.

  1. Find gorillas in the jungle

Seeing these endangered animals in their natural habitat is one of the best experiences you can have in life. Hiking tours can be taken to look for them in Uganda, Rwanda, and less commonly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Tours are limited, groups of tourists are reduced, and an expensive special permit is required to help preserve these primates. The amount of time needed to find them always varies as they continuously move, so you have to be prepared to walk through the jungle for several hours.

  1. Surprise you with Victoria Falls

On the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia are the spectacular Victoria Falls, which during the rainy season are the largest in the world. Walk through the vantage points, let yourself be soaked by the breeze that forms the fall of the water, and, if you dare, get into the Devil’s pool. If you like adrenaline, you can also bungee jump over the Falls, go rafting on the Zambezi River, and watch them from the top on a microlight.

  1. Know the pyramids of Giza

Explore the Great Sphinx of Giza and the Necropolis in the Sahara Desert to transport you to Ancient Egypt. Let yourself be surprised by the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the only one of the 7 Wonders of the ancient world that endure. Easily visit this site from Cairo and enter the Egyptian Museum of Cairo to discover other treasures of this critical region.

  1. Climbing Kilimanjaro

This activity is only for brave men who have prepared themselves well physically and mentally. Climbing the most prominent mountain in Africa might look like anything, but in the end, it offers great rewards. Follow the established routes with an authorized guide and prepare to see breathtaking landscapes. This tour can be taken from several villages in Tanzania, the best months to do so are between July and October or in January and February to avoid the rains.

  1. Discover the cultural richness of Ethiopia

Ethiopia retains an incredible cultural wealth that was taken from most of the continent. Explore one of the countries with one of the oldest human occupations in the world, be surprised by the colorful alleys of Harar, walk through the monolithic churches of Lalibela, get to know the Omo Valley tribes and visit the Gondar castles. By the way, take advantage of this trip to surprise you with the alien landscapes of the Danakil Depression, the hottest place on the planet.

  1. Wildlife watching in Madagascar

On the island of Madagascar, the largest in Africa, there is one of the most varied and beautiful faunas in the world. Discover the beautiful endemic species of this megadiverse country. Surprise yourself with a variety of birds and observe the famous lemurs. Take advantage of your trip to explore the Menabe region and see the more than 200 baobabs trees flanking a dirt road called the Avenida de Los Baobabs.

  1. Watching penguins up close in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in sub-Saharan Africa due to its excellent infrastructure, natural beauty, and modern cities. Go to the beautiful City of Cape town and take day tours to go to Boulders Beach or Betty’s Bay to see the charming African penguins. If you want to see them for a few days, like me, I recommend you stay in Simon’s Town.

  1. Explore the village of Chefchaouen and the Sahara Desert

Morocco is one of the most visited countries in Africa, so that you will find excellent services and good tourist infrastructure. Although there are many unique places to visit, Chefchaouen deserves special mention. This city in the Rif Mountains is distinguished by its cobbled streets, spectacular landscapes, and especially by its completely blue buildings. Capture photos of this blue city and take tours to the Sahara Desert for one or several days.

  1. Swimming on the beaches of the Indian Ocean

Few people know that in Africa there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Let yourself be surprised by the turquoise water and white sand of Zanzibar in Tanzania, float in the calm waters of Bazaruto in Mozambique, surprise yourself with the landscapes of the island of Mauritius, relax on the luxurious island of Seychelles or explore the beaches of the islands of Reunion and Mayotte, belonging to France.

  1. Walking in Mokoro in the Okavango delta

This delta in northern Botswana offers beautiful landscapes and great opportunities to see wildlife. Get on a mokoro, which is a small canoe, so that you can cross the shallow waters of the area. The guide will row and show you all the animals he finds. One of the things I was most excited about was seeing hippos (who have a reputation for being very dangerous) a few meters away, looking at me and practically at the same level as my face.

  1. Touring the desert and beaches of Namibia

In addition to having incredible national parks, you will discover that in Namibia, the ocean and desert are found to form a spectacular landscape. Marvel at kilometers of pristine beaches in the Atlantic Ocean and be amazed at the dunes of the Namib Desert, a Unesco World Heritage Site. He walks in all-terrain vehicles, goes on safari, meets local tribes, and admires the local wildlife.