If you are someone who is fond of hunting and has been searching for a hunting destination, then there is no place better than South Africa for you! It is a worldwide known fact that South Africa is famous for its wildlife but what makes it truly amazing is that there ample number of approved hunting tours and trips to witness the real African wilderness. Hunters from all over the globe visit South Africa to hunt the Big 5 famous hunters’ favorite animals and so can you!

South Africa offers a large range of animals that can be hunted down in their natural surroundings but it is the ‘BIG 5’ which hunters and others are most crazy about hunting. It is said that one needs to be a talented hunter to bring any of these Big 5 down and this is what makes the task so challenging and exciting. The list of these big, powerful and mighty 5 animals includes Lions, Elephants, Rhinoceros, Leopards and Cape Buffalos. Hunting these down may not be legally accepted as of now but in the right season and with the right kind of license or permission, you can opt to set your aim at them and hunt them.

What do I need to go on these hunting tours?

The first and most important thing that you would need to go on these hunting trips in South Africa is a very big heart and a lot of guts. Yes, you may possess the world’s best hunting equipment and training but without the right amount of guts and a brave heart, you won’t be able to face the challenge or complete it successful. So before thinking of booking the tour, make sure you are willing to not only face but also hunt these mighty animals down. Apart from this, you will need the support of the safari team, the right safety equipments, the perfect hunting equipments and some amount of assistance for supporting individuals. Only a combination of all these can truly mean that you are ready for your big hunting experience in the wild!

What are the possible tour options available?

There are a variety of tours and trips that take you on for hunting in the wilderness among the wild beasts of the jungle. While some of these tours are fixed and happen periodically, some are custom designed on the basis of the needs and specifications of the group or guests. You too can book a custom tour for yourself and your friends as per your convenience, budget restrictions, time restrictions and travelling dates. There are many incredible short hunting tours whereas you may also choose one of the longer tours if you are interested in a full day excursion to the jungle. These tours are a once in a lifetime experience for most and could bring a real adrenaline rush to adventure seekers. So without any delays, wake that hunter inside you to life and enjoy the true pleasures of life!



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