It is scorching, the view to the horizon is impossible because the trees are so leafy that with their leaves cover the whole ground, suddenly there are different sounds, and we can identify them, before us a great variety of species: elephants, giraffes, tigers, lions, monkeys, zebras, hippos, snakes and crocodiles. What a panorama! Best of all, following our advice, you can play it for a Super Safari party on your little girl’s next birthday.

  1. Fishing, rallies, and celebrations of all kinds in Kenya

Festivals in Kenya in Africa are celebrated as elsewhere in the world, but it is not as profoundly rooted a tradition as in Latin countries, where every month they have their traditional holiday. Still, throughout the year, we can find in Kenya several remarkable events, starting on the first day of the year: January 1, when the New Year is celebrated, as in the rest of the world. It is precisely in January that the international competition for large-species fishing takes place in Malindi, a practice known as “billfish.”; this is a crucial celebration attended by boats and fishers from all over the world. Mombasa also has its particular Fishing Festival, and continuing with the marine theme, in February is celebrated the race of motorbikes offshore in Mtwapa.

The Christian tradition led by the colonization left as testimony celebrations such as Holy Week, whose holidays are Good Friday and Easter Monday. But if there is an essential event in Kenya that overturns the entire country (and attracts the attention of tourists, travelers, and media from all over the world), it is the Safari Rally. It is one of the toughest in the world, and it is attended by the first world figures of the competition, reaching more than fifty participants. And going forward, in June there are two critical events: day 1 is the Day of Madaraka when it celebrates the autonomy of the country and in the mid-celebrates the Agricultural Exhibition of Nakuru. A similar event takes place in Mombasa in August. And as we speak of exhibitions, we cannot fail to mention the Nairobi International Exhibition in September, a game in which different countries meet to spread their traditions and culture. In conclusion, it should be said that in November, the Festival of the Sea is celebrated in Malindi, while December is the month of the most critical festivities: Jamhuri (Independence Day, 12); Christmas and St. Stephen (26 December).

A country like Kenya is not to “read” it, but to know it. In addition to everything related here, there are many more things to see, and, and do in this beautiful place. A visit to Kenya always has the same effect on the traveler: the desire to return once, and again.

  1. First stop of the African safari of the Costa Mogán Carnival 2019

This Tuesday, March 26, the 2019 Costa Mogán carnival starts at Black Plaza in Arguineguín at 8:00 pm. The Opening Gala will be presented by humorist Juanka and will feature the participation of the local Carnival collectives, humor, and a lot of music.

The humorist Juan Carlos Hernández ‘Juanka’ will be the protagonist of several sketches and the person in charge of directing the first act of the Costa Mogán Carnival 2019 that will begin with two choreographies made by 25 students of the Municipal Art Schools inspired in Africa, the allegory chosen for one of the most popular festivals in the municipality.

The gala will continue with the participation of the users of the Occupational Center with ‘La Gran Revista’, a show that has been awarded the second prize at the Gala integration of the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria this year.

The ACE DANCE Dance School with more than 40 members will also be present. The company rehearses at the facilities of the David Jiménez Silva Sports Complex since its creation in 2014, the year from which they intervene in both the Mogavero Carnival and other events held in the municipality.

The Caribbean Samba troupe will come ready to put the whole audience on their feet with the design ‘elegance is not created or destroyed’, made by its directors and components, all of the residents of Mogán.

The event will continue with Ana Vega ballet composed of boys and girls from 6 years old, and even some mother’s active since 2015 is a regular group to the scenery of the monera celebrations.

The first gala will conclude with the intervention of the popular Chirimurga del Timple, special guest of the night. The Consistory thus inaugurates the program of Carnival Costa Mogán 2019 that will extend until next Sunday, March 31.

  1. Celebrating African Safari

This party is recommended for children from 1 to 4 years of age, highlighting for being a very cheerful and colorful motif. Yellow, blue, green, orange, and Brown are the essential shades.

You can set a dress code; boys could wear khakis pants and girls with some blouse or dress with animal print. To make it more fun, the guests can dress up as hunters; for this purpose with craft paper, they can make vests and hats. Just paste two rolls of toilet paper to get some binoculars that will give you a hawk’s eye.

Decoration: if the birthday is done outdoors, much better. The sense of contact with nature gives more reality to the motive. If this is not possible, be sure to fill the living room with trees, vines, and sheets of paper; some inflatable items such as palm trees or monkeys that are perfect as decorative elements will also be useful.

We all know that to travel to Africa, you have to get vaccinated beforehand. Set up an outpatient clinic. This will be the letter of introduction to the party. All guests must register here first. You will receive a candy that will pretend to be malaria medicine and then, ready for action.

Activities: Divide space by season according to the abilities of the animals. For example, elephants are known to have a good memory; on the elephant table, the little ones will have fun with animal cards finding their partners (memory games). We also know that monkeys are very jokers, on the monkey table, put tempers and foam dishes to make masks of their favorite wild animals.

At the time of the meal, the children will run in a stampede towards the Lions ‘ station, the great devourers of the feast. There you will enjoy delicious meat pricks, mini burgers, fruit salad, animal-shaped cookies, and a delicious banana split to fight the heat.

This fascinating adventure cannot end without a visit to the giraffe station, which, with its long necks, can better watch out for intruders who want to get close to the delicious biscuit ahead of time.