Africa Sport Hunting Safaris is excited to announce its partnership with Global Rescue, the leading provider of medical field rescue, advisory, and evacuation services.

“As part of our longstanding commitment to guest safety, we have identified Global Rescue as the best company to provide our guests with the protection they need in the event of a medical or security emergency. Fortunately incidents are rare, but getting injured or becoming ill in a secluded location can be both a serious and costly matter. Global Rescue’s unique ability to conduct a field rescue and to evacuate a member to their home hospital, make them an obvious choice. I highly recommend that our guests consider purchasing a membership.”

-Kiley Matthews, Owner


Global Rescue provides worldwide field rescue, advisory, and evacuation services. Members can choose to be protected against both medical and security emergencies.

In addition, Global Rescue’s team of paramedics and physicians, supported by Johns Hopkins Medicine, the top-ranked hospital in the U.S., are on hand to provide 24-hour medical advice wherever you are in the world.

In complex cases requiring hospitalization overseas, Global Rescue paramedics are often deployed to provide bedside medical assistance for our members.

From memberships starting at just $119, Global Rescue will arrange and pay for a field rescue from the member’s point of illness or injury and evacuate them to their home hospital of choice.


Global Rescue and IMG have created one of the industry’s most complete travel insurance products exclusively for Global Rescue members. When combined with a Global Rescue Membership, this product provides members with travel protection features that are unique in quality and price. Travel Insurance is available for US residents at this time.