South Africa is the one name that comes to mind when someone mentions ‘Hunting’. Yes, there is no doubt about the fact that this country, situated on the southern tip of the African continent is a superb destination for any person or family in the mood for some hunting, apart from other things! Not only is Africa famous for its wildlife but is also so rich in its fauna that hunters can comfortable merge into the greens and hunt down their target.

While the men of the family can enjoy hunting in the beautiful wilderness of South Africa and hunt down the Big Five animals of the nation, the non-hunter members of the family can enjoy the many Safaris that the country has to offer. In fact they can even accompany their spouses on the adrenaline-high hunting trip and experience some beauty in the wild. South Africa has legalized hunting safaris which give you access to the many animals that you can hunt down. You can opt from the many available hunting tours and trips or get one customized for you depending upon your chosen area, location, time and day!

Why choose African Hunting Safaris?

Well if you are wondering why the hunter in you needs to experience an energy-high Hunting safari, then the reason is clear.  In South Africa, the variety of animals that you get the option to hunt down is vast and definitely more than the options available anywhere else. This land is famous for Leopards, Cape buffalos, Rhinoceros, Lions and Elephants-together which make the BIG FIVE. Nowhere in the world can you together find these 5 top hunter’s dream animals. Needless to say, these animals are a definite charm of the safaris, not just for professional hunters but also for those who choose the sport hunting safaris as a hobby. Apart from these reasons, the kinds of rates that these safaris are tagged at are much less than the rates in any other part of the world. South African safaris and hunting costs can accommodate your entire family easily into a day of hunting expedition. Moreover, there are many exciting and attractive offers and concessions all year round which you can avail in advance by making an online booking.

Activities for the non -hunters

If you are wondering what your non-hunter wife will do when you are out hunting, then worry not! There are many excursions for your wife to indulge in.  There are several spa and salon activities near many hunting safari destinations for your spouse or kids to enjoy.  Besides these beauty activities, one can also go bush tracking or on river craft tours to enjoy the true element of South Africa.  Some other activities that the non -hunters can try their hands on are horseback riding, open air safari, Ladies breakaway tours, Golf tours, dining at the finest restaurants, East African style lunch and culture walks.

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