Kiley and Chris,

First, Deanna and I would both like to thank you for a wonderful vacation! The hunting segment exceeded my expectation without question. I’m extremely happy with the trophies that I was able to take during the trip. I’ve make contact with “Trophy Solutions Africa”, so I believe we are moving forward in that area. We greatly appreciate the hospitality that was extended to us during our week with you. The time spent around the fire each night was special to us, we have always told everyone, how special that time was for us.
We arrived at Kruger about 3:10 PM and as you know the evening photo safari departs at 3:30, they offered to let us rest or they had prepared a nice small lunch if we preferred to go on safari, we choose to go. It was maybe on the most exciting evening that the guide claims he has had. We were headed to look at some Wild African Dogs that had a den a short distance from the camp. Well, we ran into the Dogs out hunting and followed them as they killed a Duiker , the noise was incredible! As we watched them eat the Duiker we could see, no more than 10 or15 feet on the other side—another Duiker in the grass that did not more an eyelash, it was astonishing. At that time a Leopard came in and sat in a tree above the Duiker that was being devoured by the Dogs at about that same time a Hyena came in wanting to take the Duiker. Well the dogs did not like that at all and they (the Dogs) took off after the Hyena! (the Duiker now escapes!!) As if there is not enough going on a herd of Elephants decide that they had had enough and come roaring, they were taking trees down, throwing dirt in the air. When the dust settled, we all had small branches and leaves on us!! It was unbelievable!!!!!
The food was great, the accommodations were excellent. We had Elephants between our cabin the next one, could have jumped off our deck and ridden one (Deanna was not up for that!!) Monkeys several time tried to room with us several time!! Deanna loves her new ring, it came out beautifully.
Hope to see you if you’re in Missoula Montana for the Elk Foundation dinner next April or May, not sure of the date at this time.
NO question, the very best trip we have ever taken, we cannot imagine exceeding what we have just experienced—
Thanks you guys so very much for all you did for us.

Douglas J. Beaudoin
NMLS ID 403639
Senior Vice President


Noah and Brenda Hiscox:

As you know , I have hunted with you on three separate occasions. First in 2005 , again 2008 then 2011. Several of our friends have come along, many repeat clients just as ourselves. I could not have been more pleased with our accomadations, food and personal service. I have been privledged to take many, many world class tropheys while hunting with Africa Sport Hunting Safaries; well over half GOLD medal! I have taken from steenbok and diker up to giant eland and cape buffalo and lots in between. We have enjoyed your tours from Free State to Limpopo, SA to Botswana and Zimbabwe.This year, 2013, I will be hunting lions with you in the Free State! I can’t say enough great things about your fine organization and would recommend, most highly to anyone to enjoy Africa with you. Thank you for all the great hunts, tours and times. We look forward to returning many more times.

Coolidge Az


Frank Prieto from Florida:

I first met Chris Lordan in 2003 and Kiley a couple of years later. They are an excellent team and consider them my friends. I have been on 7 African safaris in RSA, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Botswana. My last three safaris have been with Kiley and Chris at Africa Sport Hunting Safaris and hope to hunt with them again soon. I have been fortunate to have my daughter accompany me. She does not hunt but she just loves to come, especially since Kiley just goes out of her way to also make the non-hunters have an excellent time. It is not just the hunting  that they excel at, but other details such as food, accommodations and most importantly providing “The African Experience” are also carefully planned. In 2013 I took my elephant in Botswana this was the last of my Big Five. Thank you for helping me accomplish what I consider some of my life’s greatest adventures. I could have not been able to do this without Kiley’s and Chris’ help. I highly recommend going on safari with Africa Sport Hunting Safaris whether it is your first or tenth safari.


Frank Prieto
Pietersburg Fl
(305) 753-1723


Leonard and Debbie Voyles:

We have been fortunate to meet Kiley with Africa Sport Hunting Safari at a charity event. Our entire family went over to South Africa in 2009, we had a blast. My husband and son took 8 to 10 awesome trophy and while they were hunting the rest of the family went touring around to see the African wildlife and site. We enjoyed our self so much that we went back with Kiley, Chris and Africa Sport Hunting Safaris again in 2013. As always our expectations have been met and exceeded. We would highly recommend then to anyone wanting an experience of a life time.

Leonard and Debbie Voyles
Houston TX


Jackie Truskolaski:

I would like to recommend African Sport hunting Safaris for their great service and staff. We went with a group of six – two men and four women and toured Kruger National Park before our seven day hunt. I would highly recommend Lawrence, our Krueger driver, tour guide and by the end of the experience, friend. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and fun to be around.

The scenic route through the Drakensberg Mountains was a lot of fun and the scenery breathtaking. The accommodation while on safari was top notch. The lodge is well laid out, comfortable, spacious and Dolly our cook was wonderful. The meals and time spent around the campfire were enjoyable and relaxing. It was fun for everyone to get together at the end of the day to share their experiences. We spent time reading and relaxing around the pool area as well. The women took two side trips – one to the day spa and one to the predator park and rehabilitation center. Both were awesome experiences and I would highly recommend leaving camp to explore the area.

We felt safe and it’s always interesting to explore the area and meet South Africans. My daughter shot an 800 pound Zebra and my husband shot a respectable Impala and Warthog. He wanted a Kudu, but could not find the trophy he wanted. As an avid bowhunter, he wished he would have brought his bow along because there are good blinds and a nice set-up for bow hunters. The other hunter shot a nice Gemsbok, Impala and Warthog as well. Our Tracker was also great to work with and was able to track and find two of the animals that were not easy to find.


Dr. Brent A. Ungar:

I am writing this testimonial about the fantastic experience that I had during my hunt with your organization in April 2013. I would like to start from the beginning.  I was at the SCI convention in Reno, NV in January looking to book a hunt of a lifetime.  I visited approximately 30 booths inquiring about a hunt. My time was limited to only a 5-day hunt, as I was speaking in Durbin, South Africa and was looking to include a hunt sometime during this trip.  We discussed my limited time and I felt that African Sport Hunting Safari was going to be able to accommodate my restricted schedule and my hunt.  After a long discussions with you at SCI and over the next several days, I knew I made the right decision by booking my trip with you.  I asked about how I would go about booking my flight arrangement in which you referred me to a long-time acquaintance and company that could handle all of my timelines and different connections.  _________ __________ ________ Company made my flight reservations perfect.  They met all my needs and my timelines and got me the best flights for the best price.  I would recommend them to anyone who is planning an overseas hunting trip. Again, I had questions in regards to getting my guns to South Africa and I used your suggested gun carrier _______ who guided us all the way through the paperwork and getting the guns into South Africa and also getting through customs.  I was very surprised at how easy they made the process.

I would like start off with the accommodation at your lodge.  It was 5-star in all aspects.  The lodge was impeccable and the rooms were beyond belief.  The setting around the lodge outside at the patio was absolutely beautiful.  What I liked the most is that every night we had appetizers and drinks waiting upon coming in from the hunt to set the mood for dinner.  All of the meals were exquisite from homemade soups, salad, and desserts.  The entrees were all made South African style, being able to eat different game on a nightly basis was perfect and was exactly what we wanted.  The time and planning that you put in our trip came from your professionalism as an owner of African Sports Hunting Safaris and from your heart.  There is something to be said about the eye of perfection.

Now let us talk about the hunt itself.  Hunting with Chris Lordan, PH was incredible.  He knew what I wanted and planned each day accordingly.  His eye for spotting the trophies were superior.  We were able to adjust for the different terrain for the trophies that I was looking to take.  Our stalks allowed us to be in the right place at the right time.  His support team made the experience even better.  I enjoyed every hour we spent with Chris.  It was truly an enjoyable experience.  Chris, you made the trip outstanding! Ms Matthews, again every aspect of this trip was met and exceeded all my expectations.  I am an avid big game hunter and I would highly recommend your service to all.  Even though I did not bring a significant other on this trip, I would suggest any individual to bring their significant other to experience your lodge but also the different activities that you have for significant others would be a bonus for any hunter.  I cannot wait to book my next trip with your organization.  Your expertise was seen on all aspects of this hunt.  Thank you for the trip of a lifetime.





Larry and Marilyn Matthews:

We have been on three different tours with African Sunrise Safaris and plan a fourth soon. Not only will you see amazing animals and scenery, Kiley and her tour guide, Laurence, are so knowledgeable about South Africa and will be able to answer all or most of your questions. And Laurence can be quite humorous. The food and hospitality at the African Sport Hunting lodge is unbeatable. You will be pampered.