Kiley – Owner Operator »
Kiley’s passion truly is Africa. This started with her  first trip to Africa more than 18 years ago. From her first step in Africa, she knew she would be back. Kiley grew up in a longtime huntingfishing and outdoorsy familyKiley has had the opportunity to visit more hunting camps than the average bear–or kudu in this scenario. She feels this is a big advantage to know what their clients are looking for during their safari in Africa.


Chris – Outfitter / Professional Hunter »
Nature has forever fascinated Chris, since he was a young he has spent every possible opportunity exploring and reading about all aspects of nature. Chris has always been passionate about hunting.

In 1992, he realizedd his dream of becoming a professional hunter. Ever since then he has been hunting professionally for a living, initially as a freelance PH. In 2003, he was approached by Kiley Matthews to start Africa Sport Hunting Safaris. Currently, he is the manager of Africa Sport Hunting Safaris in South Africa, and he manages the hunting business and ranch.

Africa Sport Hunting Safaris continuously strive to hunt ethically and to manage the resources we utilize in a sustainable manner. We also believe in working with the local community and through the generosity of our clients, we are able to contribute to projects in our community.

His interests, apart from hunting, include bird watching, fishing, reading (history and biographies) and a general curiosity about nature. You are welcome to come join him and his mate, Tsumi, the best hunting dog in the world, for the experience of a lifetime.