Africa is famous for its wildlife. The rich fauna makes it one of the top places for all hunters. There is something really exciting and entertaining about the African wilderness as you will be able to feel the pulse and the raw zing of adrenaline beat inside.

If you are a hunter and on the lookout to add to your accolades of being the one to hunt the big five of the African continent, here is your chance to make it happen.

The Big Five – Who Are They?
If you are unaware of the big five but want to be a successful hunter to bring these big giants down, make sure you get your basics right. The big five are the giant animals of the African continent that are known for sheer power and dominance. Needless to say, the list includes Elephants, Rhinoceros and Lions. The other two are the Cape Buffalos and Leopards.

If you are debating as to whether or not you should head down to Africa to hunt these animals, you should know that it isn’t illegal. At least not so far. There are discussions on categorizing lions as an endangered species and stop its hunting. However, so far, hunting the big five in the specific hunting season with the right license is perfectly legal and if you have the hunter’s streak, you could make the most out of your hobby in the African wilderness.

Not For the Weak Hearts
This hunter safari is definitely not meant for the weak and timid. If the sight of a full sized lion oozing rage makes you back track your path, you are not the one to be at this place. No doubt, our safari team will always be there to take care of your safety and offer the right assistance, but the desire and the power to make it possible, to bring the best down needs to be inherent in you. You have to be the beast to tame the beast.

If you have these animal instincts and you are the real hunter, the big five safari hunting awaits you.



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